Dear Clients, please keep in mind: animation is a medium of movement! When commissioning an animated commercial – take advantage of that!
Sitting, standing and a bit of walking is not likely to result in an engaging spot. Dancing, fencing, jumping, riding, swimming, chasing is.

Hiring an animator for a spot not conceived around movement is like having a dancer or a martial artist to perform while seated. We will do our best to make it fun but you are not taking advantage of the art form.

A sensitively executed interesting movement can express a feeling, project certain spirit, leave a memorable impression the way a stationary character with a few gestures rarely can. Especially in a format where you have a few precious seconds of screen time and no back story for emotional build up.

Animation should not be approached as live action where a face, a life situation and words are enough to communicate your message. Nor should it be seen as a PowerPoint slide show with illustrations that move for a bit of added fun.

As Norman McLaren famously said “Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn”.

Please think of movement when creating a concept for your commercial (or involve us in this crucial step) and you will get so much more from your investment!