Last week I chatted with Adam Sartain of INSIDE ANIMATION Podcast.

We talked about my journey of becoming an animation director and founding Dancing Line Productions, and what inspired me to get into animation in the first place.

We went through the process of producing an animated commercial, how we work with clients and the types of projects we focus on.

We discussed why is animation so well suited for advertising, and how to maximize the effect of a commercial by making use of the unique traits of animation.

Among the animators who most inspired me I mention Michael Dudok de Wit who directed “The Monk and the Fish” (1994) and  “Father and Daughter” (2000)Frédéric Back  Crac (1981) , and Paul Fierlinger’s “Still Life with Animated Dogs” (2001). All three later directed feature (or longer format) films, but I will always love more their short creations for their lyrical charm and more intimate feel. Also in that category belongs Torill Kove with her warm humor and the unique ironical storytelling style “My Grandmother Ironed the King’s Shirts”(1999), and her touching short film “Threads” (2017).


You can listen to the entire conversation here:


Thanks Adam, it was a pleasure to talk with you!