This year we launched a series of animated TV spots for Canada Protection Plan, featuring their new mascot we designed. To our surprise, they became extremely popular with babies, with many delighted parents’ comments describing their baby’s reactions.
My 1 year old loves this commercial. Stops everything and points at the TV to watch it! If he is not eating, we’ll put it on and he’ll gobble down his food! Thanks guys!

My 1 year old loves this commercial, he says “yayy!” every time the guy in the wheelchair goes down the hill lol! They stopped showing it on tv so I looked it up on YouTube, I am pleasantly surprised at all the parents commenting 😊

My 9 month old loves this commercial. When it comes on she stops everything and crawls to the TV to watch it.

Haha wow, my 8 month old daughter has also liked this commercial since she first saw it. She can focus on nothing but the tv when it comes on. It is quite funny.

Iol, my baby as well. He’s 8 months. He comes crawling whenever he hears the beginning of the whistling. His two favourite parts are when they throw the paper up in the air and when they are holding hands. Too cute 😊

My 10 month old baby is the same! He likes this more than all the cartoons on Treehouse!

These are just a few of these comments out of a bunch! We were intrigued… We did focus on making the character animation feel playful, friendly and engaging and transmit the general sense of brightness and peace of mind, consistent with the client’s message and branding. The lighthearted whistling tune was carefully selected to help establish the right mood and pace. With simple curvy expressive characters, limited palette of bright cheerful colors, and unobstructed basic background, we aimed to make it an easy to read and memorable viewing experience. The CD Jake Fine (who also wrote the copy) came up with the concept of the mascot continuously walking towards the viewer which helped us to establish an organic uninterrupted flow of the spot, resulting is something soft and reassuring.

But being a commercial for life insurance, babies were not necessarily our primary target audience.

However, the client was delighted with the special audience response. It does make sense that with so many parents noticing these spots and even actively searching for them because of their munchkins’ excitement, the impact of the campaign is stronger. And the parents are very much part of the target audience of our client, who has reported excellent response with the campaign results, so much so that the storyline continues with their friendly mascot in new situations.

We are very happy at Dancing Line with both having a satisfied client and the recognition of our work from our favorite audience!

You can watch our commercial here